078. No. 1 Indicator - I’m Deeply Spiritual. Pray (this Personal Trainer) extensively, daily, and whenever needed. Rest, profoundly.


Having studied King, Gandhi, Teresa on and off throughout my life, quite extensively, two things strike me - one, how eminently practical, feet on the ground, self-reliant, yet open to every bit of help they could be given, but going to act no matter what.  And on the other hand, how adamant they were in their own ways that there would be nothing that they could do without prayer.  Huh?  Self-reliant, and praying?

It's clear to me what was going on.  They understood the one proper use of prayer, and that's to change oneself.  That conceivably can be done, by - realizing at the same time that, A. I'm praying for some deity to do something, but B. the purpose of praying that way is to so focus every part of my being, particularly the heart, on that issue, so that it's my own resources that are mobilized to the highest degree on that important issue to me at the time.  And that's not a bad way of getting the most out of our heart, the 80% of our nervous system that we otherwise don't use. 

These were not people that lived their lives asking some external being to do stuff for them.  Yet, Teresa I recall the most clearly, was emphatic - 'without hours of prayer every day, without hours of prayer every day I could not do what I do.'  She was emphatic.   Gandhi was just as emphatic - 'without prayer  I could not do it.'  My recollection of Hinduism may be inaccurate, you may know much better - but I don't recall an intervening 'God' as central to their beliefs.  It certainly didn't seem to me that Gandhi, in any way, shape or form was looking for anyone or anything to intervene, except Heart Force. 

Speaking for myself, S. Loving, I've not found this in the records of the great insanely humane warriors throughout history; aside from prayer, focused reshaping of one's own nervous system, constantly, hours a day, often; what's needed is rest.  The insanely humane warriors are people of immense mental and spiritual strength - that's the muscle that they most use, and it fatigues.  Used properly it doesn't get tired of what it's doing, it just gets fatigued by doing what it's doing.  And the heart, the 80% of the nervous system we can't control, needs down time to digest what was learned in the prior day, what was experienced in the prior day, data that came to it in the prior day.  Certainly the profoundly impactful Unviolent warriors throughout history, at times they got little rest and little prayer.  But on prayer, they didn't allow much time to go by, many days to go by, before they got into their prayer routine to keep their heart straight, in charge, and to get straighter and deeper.

Speaking for myself, it was many decades before I could see how spiritually depleted and ineffective I would get without sufficient rest, and with few exceptions now I have the wisdom, if my body says rest, I rest.  It becomes priority number one.  Whether it's sleeping 14, 15, 16 hours a day when the Heart says to, or just getting off for hours and hours or days of quiet.  I'm extremely sensitive now to whether it's my head and flesh just saying it wants to recreate, no time for that, but I listen intently to the needs of the heart, of the spirit, of the soul, and if sense my sharpness going, I generally have the wisdom to look first, at what kind of rest I've been getting.   Secondarily, at how my prayer life, life meditation life, Personal Training...  life has been going.  And when I sense I've not been getting the rest that I need, that becomes priority number one, and it should yours as well in your life.  Same, when I sense a lack of sufficient prayer, meditation, ‘Personal Training.’

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