048. I'm here to serve, not to survive (nor to be reckless or suicidal, ever). For the JOY of it


Friends, I'm probably not the only one in this country that was born and raised to the prevailing idea that we're here to survive, and more than that, we're here to have as much enjoyment as we possibly can, right?  As opposed to, we’re here to serve, whether we survive or not.  So the title of this video, that the insanely humane human beings throughout history, the INSHE warriors, the potent activists, if we look at their lives and think about it, it's obvious - they're here to serve, they're not here to survive.  So, okay, maybe that's just a personal choice and that's all it is, so be it.

There's an important, deeper question, and that's about ourselves, and about what our DNA has predisposed us to be, and what capacities it's given us for optimal experience.  It has given us as part of our nervous system, the two of the three major components - the head and the flesh, is what I understand them best to be called and thought of, and they are is all about survival, and pleasure.  So without question, there's a part of our nervous system whose design is to encourage us to focus on it's own survival, and pleasure, for itself in its ‘me and mine.’  What's gotten lost, in every succeeding year for who knows how long in this country, and in the West too, and with the export of Western ‘values,’ now in the East as well, is the other part of our nervous system, which is not here to survive, it's here to serve – the Heart.  The woman in New York City within the last four months heard gunfire, saw a young girl she didn't know, shielded the young girl with her body, and died.  That was not species abnormal, that was species normal.   That was a person, that rather than being ruled by head and flesh in that moment, had her Heart in charge, that 80%, that divine part of our nervous system.    That too is species normal.   What's not species normal is our environment 2012 western environment.  What's not species normal is our culture, that has become one which worships survival and denigrates loving service, except in nicely contained parts of our society that touch not 99% of us - the military service, nursing maybe, one or two others, church, Sunday morning.  Everyone else's here for their survival, and selfish pleasure, to shop….  What? 

No.  No.   That's, true, but crazy.  The potent activist throughout history, if we look at their lives it's clear, whether they articulate it or not, whether they articulate it to themselves or not, they’ve decided they are creatures of the Heart; they're here to serve, not to be reckless, not to be suicidal, but they're here to serve, and if that compromises their survival, that's a price that they're happy to pay.  So your choice is, which kind of being, which part of your nervous system do you want to reign?  Do you want to be a Teresa of Calcutta, Alice Paul, Gandhi, do you want to be like a King, do you want their quality of life, or do you want existence in The Matrix?  There's multi-trillion dollars a year that are going to convince you to be in The Matrix.  That's the easy choice.  It's also no hope, it's also doom for humanity now.  That's not what we were designed to have in charge, the head and flesh that totally yearn for The Matrix - the heart is what we are designed have in charge.  Had that not been so, lions and tigers would have gobbled up all the tribes 10’s of thousands of years ago, and no woman would ever have born the pain of a 2nd child, having learned of it with her first birth.

We've lost the environment that optimizes that, the Heart in charge.  Your choice is whether to become part of being what the world needs to see – people of the Heart, people here to serve, willing to compromise their survival if necessary, for the Joy, Life, Peace of Heart, and Humanity of it.

And you now?

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