PRIME DIRECTIVE. 001. Every breath, I'm SQUARE in harm's way, shielding the innocents with my own body. What the Heart does. This is all 'Family' for me

Hopefully from my behavior, and if not from my behavior, maybe from the tattoos on my forehead and face, one might guess that the word love figures pretty prominently in this highly studied psychologist and brother whose interest is not metaphysical, but the physical reduction of suffering, and misery, and needless death, among my current and future brothers, sisters, children, hundreds of billions. 

Not too many months ago, maybe two, I don't recall why I was pondering - what is the central characteristic of loving,  and as opposed lusting, which, 99.99999% of the time is what we mean when we say ‘loving’ in this sickest of all societies, clinically speaking?  What is the central characteristic, what is the common characteristic of loving?  What is it's central aspect, what most centrally does it do?  Now remember, as I define the term, you don't have to, but lust, is things about me, that make me feel good - I love the way she makes me feel.  I love the way he makes me feel, I love how I feel on a pretty, sunny day; I love the way this Coca-Cola tastes.  I love being married to her; I'm sorry if that sounds harsh; there's almost no love in our society. 

Love is the opposite of Lust.  Love is me about the neediest on the planet that I can possibly reach. 

The key point is, these are different psychological features, neurologically based, they’re different circuits - love and lust. 

What is the distinguishing characteristic of the circuits that are the love circuits? They place the body in harm's way; they shield the innocent.   They put their bodies, usually literally, sometimes figuratively, they put their very lives, they put their very being, in the way of the harm of the innocents, and the keep them there until all of the harm is gone, and when that harm is gone, they go find the next set of innocents to shield them.  This is the key feature.

The key feature of the potent activist, the insanely humane warrior, is that their heart is always in charge.  They're always, every waking second loving and therefore they are the embodiment of the key feature of loving - their bodies are constantly in harm's way.  If Diane Wilson isn't shielding women in Texas prison, with everything she has, everything she is, she's in her bay, shielding the fisherman and the fish life from Formosa Plastics, DuPont;  or she's in England putting yourself between the oceans of the world  and BP corporation at their stockholder meeting; or in Congress doing the same thing.  Her body is always in harms way, to protect and shield the innocents.

Gandhi's body was always in the way of the injustice that the British were doing to the people of India, and prior to that, the injustice of the apartheid regime was doing to his brothers and sisters in South Africa. 

The key feature of the true potent activist is their body is always in harm’s way.  Did I mention always?  Did I mention always in harm’s way? 

Always out of guilt?  Always out of duty?  No.  Always out of the joy of serving by being love incarnate; the joy of reducing the suffering and giving joy and life to others who wouldn't have it otherwise; the greatest gratification by far on Earth.

The key feature of loving, the key feature of the heart in charge;  the way you know if you're loving at the moment, the way you know if your heart's in charge at the moment is - your body is shielding the innocents; it is between the would-be violators body and in the body of the innocents,  literally or figuratively.  That's where, when you are Loving, you live, because wisely at those moments you know that's the only place that joy and life are to be found;  and you know that's the only true way of bringing justice and protection to those about whom you care.

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