010. I embrace that knowing, separated from doing, is the most murderous of addictions.


I totally embrace that knowing without doing the most deadly, murderous of addictions.  The most promising among us should be the devotes of DemocracyNow.  But clearly their addiction is - I know therefore I am, I weep over these stories therefore I am;  I'm enraged therefore I am; I condemn sanctimoniously those I deem perpetrators, therefore I am. 

No, I reject that.  I embrace that I know and therefore act, commensurate with the horror, and therefore I am.  Everything else is the most hideous embrace of hypocrisy, of over privilege.  All knowledge that we afford ourselves being tremendous over-privilege versus our global neediest, the majority on the planet. 
If I know, it's my duty to act with all commensurate, appropriate courage.  And I reject everything less, as living death.  I reject that for me.  I reject that for everyone that I influence.  I reject that for everyone that needs my devoted, capable service as a brother or sister.

Einstein paraphrase - 'Of she that has been shown much, much is required.'

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