036. What Clinical Sanity I have isn't to my credit, but mine Joyfully, Urgently to Radiate.


Einstein where did your theory come from?  I don't know?  Da Vinci, why did you paint the painting this way? I don't know.  Mozart, that magnificent musical phrase in your piece, where did that come from?  I don't know. 

Probably I'll never fully understand why this is true, that at every moment, at every second we inescapably do the best that we can; and at the same time that's true, that we each, every second, do the best that we can, that's not to say that in the very next second we can't do better.  Both statements are true.  I haven't figured out why they're both true; they seem to contradict one another, but they don't.

The INSHE warriors throughout history, the insanely humane human beings, take no credit for what they are; but they feel the most joyful of obligations to radiate what they are, to embody what they are, to thereby offer, to share that health, that sanity with others.  Are they accused of self-righteousness, a sense of superiority, a holier than thou attitude?  Of course they are.  The good psychologist is unlikely to take seriously criticism from those in the psycho ward, who belong in the psycho ward.  In this sickest of all societies, the presence of criticism, more often it is a badge of honor, a hallmark of mental health, then it is a worthy assertion of deficit.

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