023. I’m entirely Subordinate to the End Goal, every nano-second


Can you imagine Gandhi executing a tactic without a clear understanding of how it is the best possible path to the goal?  I can't.  Can you imagine Gandhi doing anything that wasn't explicitly his best understanding of how to achieve the overarching goal he was after?  Inconceivable.  If you at all studied the civil rights movement, the workers with King, it seems there was never a time when they executed a tactic for the purpose of executing a tactic, or for the purpose of ranting, or for the purpose of expressing their rage.  It was always their best, deep understanding of the best way of moving to the goal they were trying to achieve.  You can't watch the movie, Iron Jawed Angels and reach a different conclusion.  You can't watch Freedom Riders and reach a different conclusion. 

Can you imagine an activists in the last 40 years, can you imagine activism in the last 40 years, that held themselves to strategies and tactics that had a clear path to the goal?   I can't, except Diane Wilson, and a few others I mention, the exceptions to the Rule.  The difference couldn't be more stark.  So-called activists of the last 40 years act, they to do something.  They've really already accepted defeat; they really already accepted that they're not going to win, so they resign themselves to ‘doing something,’ ‘anything.’  What?  How could we figure out how to put a man on the Moon, but not be able to figure out how to unviolently achieve a goal, when Gandhi did, women suffragists did, when the Egyptian revolutionaries did, when the forces opposed to apartheid in South Africa did?  This is suicide. 

Real activism does nothing except that it is the best, clear path to the goal. If they don't see a clear path to  the goal, they dwell deeper.   Now, this is not to say that they never act until they see a ‘perfect’ path to the goal.  They never see a perfect path to the goal. Until they win they always realize they probably won't.  But they never sacrifice the advantage of not using the highest human capacities of starting with the end in mind, starting with the goal in mind, and holding every breath, every effort, every moment to being the best steps they can imagine toward achieving that goal. 

And that never happens anymore.  If they held themselves to the rigor of real activism, today's activists would never flit from cause to cause to cause.  What is that?  They'd look at 90% of their actions and say, 'wait a minute, we are being what we want to see in the world?  I don't think so.  More tirades, more tantrums, more ranting, more laziness, more self-indulgence. really?  That’s what we want to see in the world?  Really???'

Actually those that haven't gone as deep as they might, are stuck right where my generation was, which is what brought on this whole mess; that somehow life should be free.  It isn't for the farmer.  It wasn't for the indigenous populations in this world. It isn't for your opposition - they work 14, 15, 16 hrs. a day for what they want. 

Entropy wins by default.  The strongest counterforce to the entropy, the hardest working force in the universe, is the Unviolent warrior, never resting, always constructing with great valor, exhaustion, discipline, metal rigor the world they want to see.  And every step, every effort is carefully directed toward that end that they have mind. 

That never happens today.  You're doomed, unless you turn that around.  You can do it, but you have to do it now, or you're doomed.

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