025. In mine, the real world, everything has consequences, personal responsibility, accountability


In my world, the real world, there is nothing within my sphere of potential action, which has no consequence, for which I have no responsibility, or accountability.  Every breath I'm given, every second I'm given, as a capable being, which as a human I am, I'm accountable to my human body - everyone alive today and everyone in the future.  I'm accountable for every second, and the times in my life that I've diverged from that, are the times that I've not been alive.  Being alive is not running from that accountability, but embracing it. 

I matter.  I'm a capable individual.  What I do has consequences.  Can I control outcomes never, ever, that prevailing illusion is not the truth of how life works.  Can I control what I attempt?  Absolutely if I choose to, if I choose to develop those capabilities to do so. 

Does everything I do change the probability of outcomes?  Everything I do changes the probability of outcomes.   I can do nothing to make outcomes certain; I can never avoid changing the probability with what I do or don't do.   And I love this friends, this is where life is; we matter to the outcomes.  Every breath we do. 

There are two books that must be read if one wants to understand the best that’s understood about our psychology, which is where we live, the only world we ever can touch, our inner world; the easier of the two is Man's Search for Meaning, [Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology, the other], right in the title is another way of saying what I'm saying. Victor Frankel, a survivor of the death camps in World War II made a study of people in the death camps, and he was an inmate, and he saw as maybe no one has before or since, that the single most important thing that the human being needs to be alive is meaning; Human meaning; meaning to the lives of others, vision of an important path to maybe help others.  We all have that, so I misspoke – the opportunity to help others.  What's needed to be alive, is an embrace of that – every second, passionate embrace that it matters what I do.  It matters what the heart beating in my chest does.  If it decides to take a second off, I'm dead.  If I is your brother decided to take a second off, 'Oh, I'm not really responsible.  There's not really any accountability or consequence for me taking the evening off,' that's simply not true. Everything has a consequence.

So did I just imply that there is no second that I should use to relax?  Well that's true, if it's true that I don't need to maintain my mental health to serve, that it's all right if I recklessly burn myself out; and that's not true, it’s not ok.  It's not okay if I recklessly burn myself out; it's not okay if the heart beating in my chest goes on some reckless rant and burns itself out.  No, there are consequences to that.

But consequences, accountability, responsibility, embracing that, friends, that's the only place Life, the feeling of being fully alive, comes from.  Think of all of our Unviolent warriors throughout history that were of consequence.  They embraced their responsibility, they didn't run from it, as we have the last 40 years.   What living death.  They had no part of our beloved irresponsibility, and illusion that we can do what we wish with no consequence to others.  They had not time for such delusion, and you shouldn't either.  And most important you should stop leading others around you to that living death.

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