079. I stand alone, forever, if necessary


Dr. King felt alone.  And the potent activists, the insanely humane warrior of Unviolence, generally feels alone because they're out in front, they're constantly paving the way.  At the same time they are the least alone people alive because they are the world, they are every creature, as has been discussed elsewhere.  Their nervous system is in such solidarity, and so united with all creation, that they are the least alone among us. 

But King felt alone.  He felt he was standing alone out in front, and he was.  And he just dealt with it.  He just kept on.   Franz Jagerstadder was the only Austrian, or the only Austrian in his region, to refuse the enlistment in the Third Reich and as he as he knew would happen, shortly thereafter he was executed.  He stood alone.  Stephen Biko in 1977, was brutally slaughtered in an apartheid prison.  There were people that listened to him at rallies, but he stood alone.  30 students, instead of their final exams in Nashville, expecting to die, signed living wills, and then headed on a bus to beatings, in Mississippi in the Freedom Rides.  They stood alone, and presumably would stand alone as long as they needed to.   Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran minister of world-renown in Germany, population about 50 million or so as I recall, he and a handful of conspirators stood alone, attempting to assassinate Hitler.

There's no personal price that the heart won't pay. The potent warrior is a creature of heart.  If there's a price you won't pay you are not a creature of heart, our brother or sister to all.  But you are not a potent activist, you are not an INSHE warrior, and you need to become one; for the Joy of it, for the Hope of it.

And when you see that, you will use this Personal Trainer, and rapidly you'll become one.  Seek and it shall  be granted unto you, knock and it will be opened to you.  Our hearts open to us when we work at it, and when we ignore it, for head and flesh, it's closed, atrophied.  The kingdom of God is within you, be like an insistent child and find it, and enter in.   And you will stand with conscience, you will stand with your heart, you will stand with humanity, and you may lead us out of the darkness.

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