080. I See, I know, no innocents. Our Cowardice, blame, tokenism are Complicity.



To my knowledge, Gandhi never blamed the British.  To my knowledge Martin Luther King and those working with him never blamed anyone.   It would seem that they saw everyone besides themselves, the so-called perpetrators, as irrelevant to getting out of their plight.  In the debates between McCain and Pres. Obama,  they were both asked the question - if Dr. King were alive today who would he be campaigning for?  I don't know McCain's answer, who cares what he says on anything?  But Pr. Obama said - Dr. King wouldn't be campaigning for anyone.  He would be out mobilizing the grassroots.   Einstein said, this is a paraphrase - 'the problem is not the bad people.  There will always be bad people.  The problem is people that don't stand up and stop the evil ones.'  Dr. King said something near identical -  ‘my problem is not the violent racists.  My problem is the good people that will not stand up and fight long enough, hard enough, courageously enough, unviolently to bring about what’s right. 

And yet the left in this country religiously treats one group in this country as though it is irrelevant, as blameless, not worth pointing a finger at, inappropriate to inspire, and rise up.  When the left looks back in history, it's quite different, but today, they say Obama has the power, Congress has the power, the corporations have the power, those on the political right have the power.  This is suicide.  This is total, unilateral surrender.

And now with global Armageddon, environmental Armageddon, it's Genocide.  It's so morally and intellectually bankrupt, it defies comprehension, but it doesn't succeed in defying the rules of nature, denying the rules of nature, the laws of nature in this country. 

300 billion people can't be made to do anything that they don't want, they can't be made to accept anything that they don't want.  All hope is lost until this criminal cowardice, insanity on the left, changes.  All hope is lost until those who would bring change see the power looking back at them in the mirror each morning, and no place else, because that's where it is.  And when a small group of catalysts begins to do that, then others will begin to wake up. 

There are no innocents here.  The lunatics on the right, our brothers and sisters, the most addicted to, in the case of environmental Armageddon,  the expected $20-80 trillion in killing, fuel reserves, will soon finish the job of  destroying life earth.  They're sick, friends, they're Affloholic, they are clinically sick. 

So if you would go and argue with your alcoholic uncle for the 15th time, to try and get him to stop drinking, or stop beating his children, you're a fool, the word that Dietrich Bonhoeffer used to describe the insanity in his 1943 Germany.  Addiction doesn't work that way, conversation after conversation… only kills time, and people.  Recovering sanity requires shocking intervention.  Required is mustering evidence so shocking to the  nervous system.  This is your work.  Everything else is intellectual masturbation, killing time, with no hope of producing anything except now certain environmental Armageddon. 

There are no innocents here.  Most complicit are the in the same way insane, left and center.  Particularly the center, the most sane of us all - pain, honest, hardworking folks.  This is discussed elsewhere. 

The left is even more insane, more culpable, than the right. Yes, the right is playing Russian Roulette with their  children with 5 bullets in the chamber.  The left is more insane.  They understand and they are sitting down watching.  And it's their children that the gun is pointed at.

There are no innocents here, and the most guilty, the most to blame, per Einstein, per Dr. King, is the Left that religiously holds themselves blameless, irresponsible, blaming everyone but the one group that can and must lead the charge, the left, themselves, looking back in the mirror every morning.

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