081. I'm Profoundly strategic, because failure is certain with less. But too, I live, 'Ready, Fire, Aim,' ad infinitum


There is an absolute must-catch train leaving in an hour and you, you are a half hour late.  What are you going leave to chance?   Nothing.  Your mind will instantly mobilize and grasp the best truth, the best route, the best mode of transportation, the best speed at which to travel, the best metal preparations for how to deal with your luggage, what to do with the car, what to do with your transportation to make that train.  That's strategy friends.

So please explain to yourself why you're working on that which unworthy of you being strategic every nanosecond.  You can't explain it.  Your head and your flesh can explain it, your heart can't.  There's no middle ground. Either you're a potent activist and profoundly strategic, emerged at the cellular level with the needs of your clients, and living the emergency, and profoundly strategic, or your fake.

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