083. I'm ONLY ever on the True battlefield, The Individual and collective nervous-systems


If one were to go to any war college and ask the question, 'Where always is the only true battlefield?'  The answer would be: in the mind, in the nervous system, in the collective nervous system of the group.  The purpose of violent war is to subjugate the head and the flesh through death and torture into submission and acquiescence.  The purpose of the Unviolent warrior, the INSHE warrior, is to so call out the heart of the opposition, that the head and the flesh become disempowered, and the heart, which is always just, always humane, only knows solidarity, yields the resolution, and converts the individual(s) to the cause of justice.

INSHE warriors throughout history have had various levels of mental clarity on this, but their intuitive clarity has been virtually perfect.  Their goal is to convert the nervous system of the opponent from head and flesh in charge, which is always selfish, always evil, to the heart in charge, which is always good, which is always loving (and which is tough as nails), which is universally loving, always.

There is only one battlefield on which the Unviolent potent warrior ever fights.  It's the battlefield of the individual and the collective nervous system, and always their own, first.

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