085. To stand for everything is to stand for nothing, to achieve, nothing. Ever.

[Salty language ahead].  Real activism is ever aware that to stand for everything is to stand for nothing.  This is significantly redundant with the video along the lines of, essay along the lines - focus is everything to real activism.  But it's a trap that is virtually never avoided in activism the last 40 years, through today.  So it's repeated again here.

An Olympic athlete focuses.  A military bigger than all the rest of the country's combined, the US, focuses.   Apple Computer focuses, the largest company in America by value as I recall.   A degreed medical doctor focuses.  Gandhi focused.  King focused. Alice Paul focused.   Stephen Biko focused.   And focus hasn't hardly been seen in 40 years in US activism, with hardly an exception.  Flit, flit, flit, from one cause to another to another....  Deadly arrogance, deadly irresponsibility, a big activist circle-jerk.  Really, is that what you will look back on 10 years from now 20 years from now?  We had a really good circle-jerk.  We didn't get anything done, there was never any prayer of that, due to our lack of focus.  So we had a really good circle-jerk. 

That's where you're headed for certain, unless you turn around now.  You can do it.  Do it.

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