086. Zero Blaming, Ever.


So Alice Paul could've been the spark plug all by herself that brought about the final legislation for women's right to vote, right?  No, there were 200 I believe in prison with her when she was being force-fed, when they learned of her hunger strike, they all went on hunger strike.  Gandhi could've liberated India all by himself right?  No, and we know that he was unbending on his demand for discipline, disciplined behavior, among those working with him.  So he not only attracted millions ,but acted in a way that caused tremendously disciplined, appropriately uniform, Unviolent behavior.  The ultimate of partnership.  The ultimate of teamwork.  The ultimate of solidarity. 

If you know anything that destroys high levels of teamwork, high levels of group productivity, high levels of group solidarity, if you know any way faster to destroy that than blame?  I don't.  Blame is the implicit statement by the team member that what's more important to them than the goal, is to make themselves look good, or to make others look bad. 

The potent true activists throughout history has zero tolerance for blame because they know that they're useless if ultimately they don't attract, common partners, and that blame is anathema to partnership.  Zero.  Zero tolerance.  They never do it; when they see it in others; there are a couple attempts to correct, and then that person's not on the team anymore because they love that individual, enough to hold them to proper standards, and more importantly they love the global neediest they are trying to serve, and blame will faster than anything destroy those efforts.  Zero-tolerance friends. Zero.  Zero.  'Oh, she was late.  Oh, he’s just not trying hard enough.  Oh, he just didn't think.   Oh, so and so is soooo careless….

Get serious.  Are all history’s great INSHE Warriors really better than you?  No.  They just care more, so far.  You'll let that stand?

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