087. Every nano-second, EVERYONE is their Sister or Brother. Every Second.


You saw the movie Gandhi, right?  See it now, if you didn't.  It's one of the great pictures for us of what the INSHE warriors, the insanely humane warriors, the true, potent activist throughout history looks like.  In an early scene Gandhi's been engaged, first is a lawyer in South Africa by the people from India living there who are being terribly persecuted, and then in early activism for them, he conducts what in the movie at least is his first Unviolent action.  There's been a bill to pass a license, I don't remember just for what, to certify that your wife is legitimate, or something, but it is blatant discrimination, it's only on the Indian population, it's rank discrimination.  And in a town square, a small receptacle is created and these licenses are put in the receptacle to be burned, which is an express violation of apartheid law; and Gandhi walks forward when the police walk forward, after this has started, threatening Gandhi with their brutal batons.  Knowing exactly what will happen, he places a license in the fire, and the first, or second or third time he does this, he's crushed to the ground by a brutal blow and it stuns him, but not fully.  And he barely musters enough strength to grab another one and put it in the fire.

Do you remember the outrage that Gandhi showed that officer that crushed him to the ground?  The anger, hostility the righteous hatred was so understandable, remember?  I don't remember it either because it didn't happen; not in the movie, and not in real life. 

When one devotes their entire being to a cause, if they're truly doing that, as opposed to agenda items that they aren't really devoting themselves to, when they're purely devoting their lives to a simple, single righteous agenda item, they become pretty aware of anything that's gonna pull them in the wrong direction, that's gonna move them, all that hard work ,away from achieving their goal.  Gandhi believed, as in their own way does every true, potent activist, INSHE warrior, Gandhi believed that the only permanent solution, the only permanent solution to any problem was converting the opposition to be brother and sister, to converting them from unhuman, to passionately humane and that any nanosecond of un-brotherly behavior would defeat, and maybe destroy those attempts.  So practically speaking, never does the potent activist allow themselves a nanosecond of viewing the other is not brother or sister. 

I don't know about you, but if I saw my most beloved brother across the field in a craze, about to smash and the head of an infant, and I had a rifle, the only way to stop him was to shoot him, I'd do it.  Nothing is off the table when the purest love sees their loving brother, except for hateful behavior.  I don't hate my brother when I shoot him.  And you know what?  Human beings are extremely good at discerning such things.  Did I just kill my brother out of hatred?  Did I just put my body in the way out of hatred?  Did I just challenge his unrighteous laws out of hatred, or did I  do it as a loving brother? 

The remotely salvageable human being never has trouble discerning between the two, not for long, so this isn't some metaphysical, some self-righteous assessment, some rule.  This is pragmatism.   But the other issue is, the true, potent activist is a creature of the heart, as discussed in other essays, video logs.  Period.  A loving creature. Period.  Love is unconditional or isn't love.  So on both scores the true, potent activist never for selfish reasons, or for reasons of their very being, never allows a sliver of viewing the other as not full brother, not immediate family, sister, and when they feel that demon in them they see it, and they do whatever mentalwork, whatever spiritual work they have to, to root it out before it poisons and destroys everything.

And you?

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