088. I live the truth that my true Strategic Vision, my true Immagination, Living the Art of the Possible, is everything to our global neediest; NOT living to the status quo - r, ctr OR LEFT


What more characterizes the true activists, the activists that have brought great change throughout history, then their powers of vision, their powers of imagination, their power see things a different way,

thereby, not only mobilizing themselves, but gaining the potential of causing that vision in others?  What more characterizes them?  We love to diminish and dismiss people like Dr. King, as great orators, as though somehow it's there language skills that differentiates them.  Was it language skills that
differentiated Einstein?  For Einstein, and for Dr. King, it was is their power of vision, imagination.  It was King's power of reimagining, not the status quo way of looking at discrimination, as a necessary evil, but reimagining, and seeing it as intolerable, and then able to communicate that to others, or at least having the potential to do so, and some did share in the vision. 

Hearing that across town, there's an elementary school where the roof fell in, and there are children that need help, is one thing;  It's another thing being across the street when that happens, and seeing that their help is needed, is entirely different .  Vision. 

Seeing - it's easiest understood as a physical thing, but even the physical thing requires an active imagining. 

If you can think of a great effective activist in history that is not characterized by profound capacity for vision, profound capacity for imagining a new way of seeing an evil system, in a way that makes it unacceptable to let stand; if you can think of such an activist,  I can't.  These were the great seers, the great imaginers, the seers of how things are, the seers of how they could be, not some abstract, un-implementable plan, but the whole, the real deal.  The thing that could be, should be, can be.

So, if you're serious about activism, if you're serious about changing the world, then you need to hold yourself up to a high standard of the real deal vision, the one that can work, really, the one that's accurate in its view of reality, and how things can be.  The one that is truly implementable; that's not to say not Herculean, it was Herculean to put a man on the moon, but it didn't happen by accident.  It happened by people exercising their most responsible powers of imagination and seeing how it could be done. 

If you don't have or develop these powers you may be a 'hactivist,' but you're not an activist, not one that will do other than kill the little time you left to save yourself a decent country, and the world, a decent planet.  Stop fooling yourself. 

Stop being so easy on yourself, because Gaia, mother Earth, is not going to be easy on you, if you don't turn things around.   If I were you, I'd rather have you tough on you, I'd rather have me tough on you, than Gaia.  You're much more flexible.  I'm much more flexible.  Gaia no longer is.

Gaia's just about at the point of deciding that we are an alien invader, that must be exterminated.  You don't want to walk into that.   Get tough with yourself, you won't break.  If it doesn't kill you, you grow.  

No vision, no real activist.  No great powers of imagination that work in the real world, that apply to the real world that are responsible accurate, accountable - no real activism.   And it'll hack your future to death if you stay with it much longer.

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