089. I select the best of the world to create myself with, no trash allowed.


Is it every day that you allow someone else to put something in your mouth?  The answer is no.  We are rightly protective of what goes into our mouth, and who puts it there.  Only the most intimate, trusted, individuals would ever be allowed to do that.  Our minds, souls, hearts, spirits are infinitely more important, are infinitely more who we are than our mouth is.  And yet most of us virtually never restrict anyone from putting something in our nervous systems.   People put ads in the paper for us.  We look at them.   They put billboards, we look at them.  They design cars we think are pretty, or ugly, we look at them.  We're listening to the radio, we listen to the ads, just as they want….

Not so, the insanely humane, Unviolent warriors, the potent activist throughout history.  They select the best from the world and often every minute of every day, they are selecting from that best, paying their attention to it, and thereby constructing themselves out of that.

We are what we eat.  We are what we pay attention to.   You are what you've paid attention to.  I am what I've paid attention to. It's cumulative.  There's some undoing, there's some canceling out that can go on.   But essentially, you and I are sponges, psychologically, spiritually.  We are what we assimilate from the environment.  Most of us are cumulatively of the status quo - what the teachers, the mass advertising, the corporations... want us to be, because they've placed in the environment that which they want us to absorb and become. And we go for it. It's not a plot, they think it's healthy, and so do we by implication, because we go for it, and never stop to think what’s happening – others, not we, are making us, constructing us, putting stuff in our, uh, ‘mouths.’  Really?

But not the potent activist throughout history.  Whether they articulate it or not, they are painfully aware that they are not yet what they need to be, and they are profoundly strategic and responsible as to – what they study, and that they study only that which they want to become, they attend to only that to which they want become, and direct their attention away from that which they want not to be. 

And you? If you're an activist of the last 40 years, you've thrown all that out the window, ‘Oh, I need to be inclusive,’ ‘I need to be available to whoever wants my attention, whoever wants to talk to me,’  ‘I need to be available, no standards other than that, I need to be available.’  ‘I need to be on call, which is to say, other people are going to determine what I am, what I become, other people are going to, are going to determine how my time is used, and therefore, what I cumulatively pay my attention to.  I am not going to make that decision, they are.’  ‘No, they are not at liberty to put anything in my mouth, but as to my nervous system?  It's theirs, a blank slate for them to write on.’

You either let everybody put anything they want your mouth or stop letting anyone but you decide what's going to go into your mind, your spirit, your heart, because you will be that.  You are that from yesterday, and your prior life.   Invariably the potent activists have surrounded themselves, have filled themselves to the brim, with the prior great activists, the prior great religious ideas, the prior great philosophies, and then of course they build on that, within themselves and their own thoughts, then they select from and get built into themselves.  But they're lifelong creators of themselves, through a highly selective grabbing what they want to be, and scrupulous keeping out what they want not to be.

Tough love, friends.  If it's not tough love, it's not true activism, it's not the potent activist.  It's not what the insanely humane Unviolent warriors do.  Because anything less has no chance of helping those in the greatest need.

Become who you want to be, become what world needs you to be, by building yourself, incorporating that which you select as the best, and keeping out of your mind, your nervous system, your attention, your focus... that which is not the best, because if you don't, that's what you will be, less than what you need to be, less than what the world needs you to be.

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