090. My Heart's Always in Charge - I stop Talking, stop Thinking, and Start Loving. Always.

Like everyone, I have the ability to have my head in charge.  I have the ability to have my flesh in charge - it's hunger, it's desires; my head's desire to show how smart it is, to comfortably and pleasurably analyze problems, ad infinitum, talk about solutions ad infinitum. 

The world isn't going to be saved without miracles.  It would be a miracle to stop the continued exploitation of indigenous around the globe.  It will take a miracle to give the next 2000 generations a planet other than in death throws.  Objectively, it will take a miracle.  

The head does not produce a miracles.  It plays a role.   The flesh does not produce miracles.  It plays a role.The 80% of our brain Einstein said we didn't use, the heart, the seat of wisdom, intuition, vision, conscience, humanity, solidarity, courage and inspiration, creativity, ingenuity that 80% is where miracles come from and it's only when we keep that in charge despite what ridicule is heaped on us, despite what labels of crazy and irresponsible and unrealistic are heaped on us, miracles only come from the heart in charge, so I refuse to no longer be conscious of what's in charge. 

I embrace the responsibility of knowing when my head tries to take over with it's infinite planning diarrhea, verbal diarrhea;  when the flash and it's hunger pains and desires for safety and unnecessary rest, relaxation, entertainment, diversions… at the wrong times, in the wrong amounts, takes over.  I refuse not to know then that I'm of no hope except when I keep my heart in charge.  I refuse to be a talker.  I refuse to be a thinker. I refuse to be a leach, a slug, a bum, a partier. They're insufficient. 

I'm a creature of heart.  The heart uses every neuron - it's infinitely greedy, uses every neuron in the head.  Our great Unviolent change agents are the masters of the information, the issues, the strategy, the tactics.  These are consummate people of thought.  But it's not their head that they allow in charge.  It's a much more brilliant, demanding, taskmaster of the heart. 

The heart uses every ounce of strength.  It is not abusive of it’s own body, any more than that of another, but it pushes the body to the limits, and sometimes more.

And so you must be - Heart in charge, always, if there's to be any hope for the next 2000 generations, and for every other issue that we profess to care about.

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