092. I reject the cowardice of the impotent, post-60's activism

I categorically reject the cowardice of the post-60s activism.  Who made the decision that from the 70s onwards, no longer were causes or people worth our lives, worth our lives in prison, worth dying on hunger strike or death fast for?  Who made that decision?  

It absolutely was not made in light of history, because all history of Unviolent change is exactly the opposite.  There are only two ways to bring radical, immediate change -  physical force -  I'm here to kill you unless you do what I want; or ultimate, Unviolent force - I'm here to pay the price of my life until I get what's rightfully mine; we're here to pay the price of our lives till we get what's rightfully ours. 

So-called activists post-60s have unilaterally disarmed themselves of the only weapon that can bring radical change.  This is rank cowardice.  This is a flagrant desecration of the history of those that have brought Unviolent change.

I categorically reject that.

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