093. It is always for me to find and call others to the path away from the horror. NEVER is it for me to exhort an individual to it

I don't know that I'll ever fully figure this out, that I'll be able to reconcile that on the one hand, it is absolutely the central function, as it's the central function of a Dr. or research pharmacologists, to find the cure that they're after, it's central to the potent activist, the insanely humane Unviolent warrior, to figure out the moral disease, and to become the embodiment of the antidote, as has been fully explored in other essays.  But as with that pharmacologists also Dr., upon discovering and creating the cure, the antidote, they are not at liberty to force the consumption of that cure on anyone. 

In much the same way, and more so, the Unviolent warrior, the Dr. of sanity in the midst of mass insanity, upon finding the cure, such as the cure for global Armageddon has found Loving, here (see Global Warming's Death.  Fast.),   it is for Loving, and those who come alongside him, to widely promote that cure, to widely extol the virtues of taking that cure, to implore, to a point, that all individuals should become that antidote, should become that cure, and thereby be cured themselves, but never to cross the line of applying the slightest pressure to any individual to take that cure.  They cannot go as far as the medical doctor in pressuring, in imploring, because it's only the heart. it's only the conscience that can take the cure, that can become the cure, that can join a death fast, or go to prison as Tim Christopher or Daniel (?) McGowan have (ELF, "If a Tree Falls).  It's only the heart that can do that, and the heart is only engaged when it is totally empowered.  And when it is fighting external pressure, head and flesh are also empowered, so the cure of becoming the antidote, of joining the death fast, or other similarly self-devotional, paying the price with one's life for one's life for the salvation of one's brothers; it's only possible to take, and at the same time be that cure, when it's totally one's heart that has made the decision; completely pure of external pressure.

Wouldn't it be widely agreed that it makes perfect sense for a suitor to implore the beloved - Please marry me, We really should get married, We must get married, We have to get married,  We have to be a couple,  We have to be a partnership....  Makes perfect sense doesn't it?   Does it not also make sense that when the other agrees, Uh,Oh, This is wonderful! I'm so glad you agree!  But we need to think about this, correct?  By way of backing off or of timidity?  No.  By way of creating the space and time, for the heart, to be sure.

And so it is with the Unviolent warrior - entirely about discovering the moral cure, the cure to the mass insanity, becoming the antidote, which is to become cured themselves.  If a cancer cell can be cured, and become healthy again, it goes from profoundly neglecting its duty to the body, to a complete re-devotion to the wellbeing of the body.    And this is the heart of what the Unviolent warrior first cures themselves of, and then becomes a mass cure, or potential mass cure for.

Any amount of pressure, any amount of forcing, aside from crossing a moral boundary that should not be crossed, is self-defeating.  Only the heart, all by itself, completely alone in the space it needs, can find in itself, whether or not it's true for that individual, that they should marry another specific individual.  It is only the heart, finally, alone, finally free of any external pressure, that can decide whether a death fast should be joined to save humanity.

So the Unviolent warrior has two roles - bringing the marriage partner right to the point of yes, and then allowing complete uninterrupted space, that the one that's been brought to the altar, has the complete freedom to find the truth within themselves, as to whether that marriage should take place.

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