094. The only Monument I want to me is folks greedily giving every breath for, dying for, the uplift of our global neediest, out of utter Solidarity with them

For Gandhi for King, for me, for Teresa of Calcutta, for many of our greatest Unviolent warriors, Oscar Romero... Jesus was the epitome of the Unviolent warrior. 

Do you remember how he said, 'they will know you by the monuments youTl build to me?  They will know you by the churches you erect to me.  Remember how he said, they will know you by how you have services to adore me.'  Oh, wait, he said none of those things.  'They will know you by how you love.  They will know you by how you love.'  That's the Monument that Jesus wanted.

Now, to Dr. King said that he wanted to be remembered as he tried to help someone in need.  'You tell them -  I tried to clothe the naked, I tried to visit the sick.  I tried to help the needy....'

Gandhi was emphatic - here must never be a Gandhi-ism.  I'm just scratching the surface; you need to go beyond.

Teresa, I don't want my Monument to be sainthood.  'I don't want to be dismissed so easily.'

Can you really conceive of any of the effective Unviolent warriors, the potent activists, can you really conceive of any of them wanting a statue?  Of wanting people  praising them?  

Can you imagine Lester - what would his choice be?  A monument to himself, or surgeons forever sterilizing their scalpels before they use them on the next patient?

The Monument that the Unviolent warrior wants is more Unviolent warriors, which are other words for Loving, not lusting; but what we never do today, Loving, dying to uplift those who are suffering, dying to uplift those who are starving, physically. 

What about the spiritual, S. Loving?  Loving uplifts physically or it's not loving.  So, the mother that sacrifices her life for her child is not loving?  You can't have both.   The spiritual = living the truth that we are not here to survive, we're here to serve.  That's the Monument this each and every true, potent activist, true INSHE warrior of Unviolence, that's the Monument they want.  True Loving.  

Loving is unconditional, or it's not loving.  Loving universal, or it's not loving.  Loving is total devotion to the least of these, every human being, and secondarily all of creation, or it's not loving.  Loving is physically or truly figuratively shielding the most vulnerable innocents that it can find, using it's very life, all its resources, everything it has, everything it is... as a shield for the innocent body in harms way, or it's not Loving.

That's the Monument that each and every insanely humane, INSHE warrior, throughout history has wanted and lived and died for and you to become, for your Infinite Joy, and as the only possible way to prevent our otherwise sure, certain self destruction, now in it's final phases, now, our last seconds to repent, and Save humanity.

Be the monument, to Gandhi, Jesus, King, Teresa, Oscar Romero, Rachel Corrie, Stephen Biko, Alice Paul....


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